KEC Abroad


From start to finish, the message of the Bible is good news — good news about Jesus.

That is only part of it. The best news of all is that everything Jesus has done for you is yours for free, you don't have to anything to earn it.

It is good news and we want everyone to hear it. That's why, as well as spreading the news ourselves, we support people who are spreading it in other places.

Who is Jesus?


  • Sandra and Edwar
    Edwar and Sandra
    Edwar and Sandra^ Sandra Ramirez has been a missionary in South America since the 1980s. In 2007 she and her husband Edwar set out to plant a church in Pachacutec, a new suburb of Lima... continue reading
  • Geoff and Dar Gail
    Geoff and Dar Gail
    Geoff and Dar Gail^ Geoff and Dar Gail McNabb are on staff at New Tribes Mission HQ in Northcotes, England. They are an important part of an organisation that takes the good news about Jesus to some of the most remote parts of the world... continue reading
  • Rajan
    Rajan^ Alex and Raji Alexander, from Tamil Nadu in South India, are members of KEC. They have introduced us to the exciting work being done by Raji's brother Rajan in their home village... continue reading
  • Vimal
    Vimal and Loiuse
    Vimal and Loiuse^ Vimal and Louise Vimalasekaran are members of KEC. They work with European Christian Mission in Germany where they are bringing the good news about Jesus to refugees... continue reading
  • Kethees
    Kethees and Ruba
    Kethees and Ruba^ Our link with Grace Redemption Fellowship in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka began in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami at the end of 2004. Since then we have built up a close friendship with the church and with their pastor Kethees who is now planting a new church in Killinochi... continue reading
  • Pete and Anne
    Peter and Anne
    Peter and Anne^ Peter and Anne Rennie moved to Inverness in Scotland in 2013. Their vision is to establish a church in the city that will reach people who are not currently being reached by the good news about Jesus... continue reading