New to KEC?

If you are thinking of paying us a visit or if you just want to find out more about KEC, this is the section to explore. We'll begin by telling you what to expect when you arrive.

Most people arrive about five minutes before the service is due to start. Someone will greet you at the door and answer any questions you might want to ask. There are no allocated seats — sit wherever you like — and there are no rules on what to wear. Some dress casually, others more formally. We cannot provide creche facilities but children are welcome to attend our services. Don't worry if yours are a bit fidgety, nobody minds.

During the service an offering is taken up. It is an opportunity for people who belong to the church to support what we do at KEC. You should not feel obliged to give anything. You won't be asked to say or do anything and you won't be put under pressure or asked embarrassing questions. If you want to just come along, listen and leave, that's fine but if you do want to chat just hang around for a minute or two; someone is sure to say hello. If there is anything we can help you with, please ask.

We hope you will feel comfortable and welcome at KEC and that you will enjoy worshipping with us.

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