Worship @ KEC

The most important, the highest and best thing you can do is to meet with other Christians to worship God. Worship is what we were made for.

Worship is our response to God — to what He does, to what He says, to who He is. To worship is to make much of God. To worship is to honour God with sincere, whole-hearted, joyful reverence, obedience and praise. At KEC we believe that our services should encourage that kind worship.

We do not follow a set form or liturgy but our style of worship is traditional. We sing both older hymns and contemporary songs accompanied by piano and sometimes other instruments. We are led in prayer. We give an offering as a symbol of our love for and devotion to God. But the central feature of every service is the reading and preaching of God's word.

The Bible — every word of it — is God's word. It is how God speaks and makes Himself known. When the Bible is read and explained in everyday language God is made much of. When its teaching is applied to everyday life we are encouraged to respond to God in obedience and praise. That is why every sermon begins with a passage from the Bible, explains its meaning and applies its teaching in ways that are sometimes challenging and sometimes encouraging but always practical and always exalting Jesus, the man who is God.