Tamil Nadu

Alex and Raji Alexander, from Tamil Nadu in South India, are members of KEC. They have introduced us to the exciting work being done by Raji's brother Rajan in their home village.

Raji's story


I was brought up in a village in Tamil Nadu, India; one of a family of 7. We were all devoted Hindus.

My brother Rajan and sister Radha attended a Christian meeting and became followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. When my parents found out they were very angry but in time my mother, though she was afraid of the village people harming them, accepted their decision. They told her the good news about Jesus and she too became a Christian.

At this time my father — an army officer — was badly injured and passed away at the age of 48. My grandparents blamed Rajan, Radha and my mother for his death, saying they had provoked the Hindu gods. The other villagers found out about what was happening and started to pick fights with us and throw stones at us when we walked through the village.

I was not saved at this time but when I started a nursing course at a Christian hospital I was encouraged to go to church and was given a small Bible. As I came to know more about Jesus through the Scriptures I too became a Christian.


The people in the village became more annoyed with us. When we tried to talk they ignored us but it did not discourage us from following the Lord and we kept praying for our village.

God answered our prayers. An elder from the church we attended in a nearby town took an interest in us and started a small church that met in Rajan’s house every Sunday.

Today, there are a few people who attend, most of them Hindus wanting to hear more about the Lord. Rajan and his wife provide what they can to help the needy people in the village and have come to be respected. Mostly all the children in the village come to Rajan’s house every day after school to get help with their school work and many of them also attend Sunday School. God is doing great things and we would like you to join us in praying for our village.


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