Life Sucks


Christians come under a lot of pressure these days: pressure to lower standards and conform to the world around them.

It is is not the first time it has happened. A long time ago Daniel prophesied that a similar kind of pressure would come upon the people of Judah and his words contained what proved to be the secret of survival, “The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

The key to overcoming the pressure we face today is the same. The problem is most Christians don’t know their God — not really. In “The Unknown God” we are thinking about some things God has revealed about Himself, but these sermons are no dry revision of systematic theology. Their emphasis is on the practical difference knowing God should make. Their purpose is to help you to stand firm and show you how you can be strong and accomplish great things for God. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Download Knowing God Why is it important to know God?
What does it mean to know God anyway and how is it possible?
Download God Is Amazing
God's words of introduction in Genesis 1:1 tell us some amazing things.
Download God Is Interested In You
If God made you, God has a purpose for you.
Download God Takes No Nonsense
God must be obeyed because God is holy.
Download You Cannot Please God
The good news is you do not have to for God is gracious.
Download God Is In Control
God's sovereignty has some important implications for you.
Download God Knows Best
God knows the best way to get to the best result in every situation and His wisdom is freely available.
Download Nobody Loves Like God Loves
God's love is beyond understanding.
Download There Is Only One God
God is one in all His attributes.
Download God Never Changes
There is great comfort in knowing that God is always the same.
Download God Is Enough
When you know God, What else could possibly need?