Ruth - Living In The Shadow Of His Wings


It’s a story about ordinary people who fall on hard times. A story about hardship, loss, grief, regrets, misery. A damsel in distress. A plight that looks hopeless. And then a hero shows up β€” the man to put it all right. She wins his heart. He falls for her. But there's a problem: they can't be together until love finds a way. And love does find a way and they get married, and they all live happily ever after.

It's a beautiful story: everybody likes a good love story, and as love stories go, the story of Ruth is one of the best.

So sit back, put your feet up, give over worrying about who we're supposed to stone for breaking what law, enjoy and dream.

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Ruth 1:1
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Ruth 1:1 - 5
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Ruth 1:6 - 22
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Ruth 2:1 - 17
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Ruth 2:17 - 23
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Ruth 3:1 - 5
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Ruth 3:6 - 18
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Ruth 4:1 - 12
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Ruth 4:13 - 22
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Psalm 91