The days of Elijah were like our own days in many ways. In these sermons some of the hard lessons Elijah learned are applied to situations we are facing today.

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Download A Man Just Like You
Could the Credit Crunch be God's judgement on our nation? How will you fare if it really starts to bite?
Download Poured From Vessel to Vessel
Sometimes God refines His servants by bringing them through repeated trials.
Download God's Man For His Time
Elijah was prepared by God to be His man for the times. We need men and women, who have been shaped by God as Elijah was today.
Download Be Bold Be Strong
The church today needs leaders with the boldness of Elijah.
Download You Have To Choose
God always calls for a clear choice.
Download What Does It Take?
What does it take to turn around a nation that has forsaken God?
Download Keep On Praying
Do not be taken in by apparent success: keep praying.
Download And Then Elijah Blew It
Beware of weariness and discouragement.
Download God Restores
Learn to put discouragement behind you as Elijah did.
Download Ahab Was A Wicked King
When wicked people appear to have the upper hand and it seems there is no justice, Our God, the God of justice, is still at work.
Download Azariah
There comes a time when the warnings come to an end and judgement becomes inevitable.
Download A Perfect Finish
Elijah taken to heaven: a perfect end to a life well lived.