Life Sucks

Back To Basics

This series of Bible studies takes a fresh look at the most important things Christians believe. They will be helpful if you have just become a Christian and if you have been on the road for a long time they will still be useful. You will learn to explain what you believe and why you believe it with greater clarity and confidence.

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Download What Is The Bible?
Download How Should I Read The Bible?
Download What Is Man?
Download Who Is Jesus?
Download What Did Jesus Do?
Download What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?
Download What Happens When You Are Born Again?
Download What Is Sanctification?
Download What Does It Mean To Be In Christ?
Download Why Does God Save Some?
Download Can Someone Who Is Saved Be Lost?
Download What Is The Church?
Download What Is Baptism?
Download What Is The Lord's Supper?
Download How Is The Church Governed?
Download What Happens When A Believer Dies?
Download When Is Jesus Coming Back?
Download What Will Happen When Jesus Returns?
Download What Do Angels Do?
Download Who Is Satan?
Download What Part Do Demons Play?