What Jesus Did Next


Follow Luke's account of what Jesus continued to do after He ascended to Heaven with this series of sermons on the book of Acts.

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Download Do You See The Possibilities?
When Jesus ascended to heaven His mission was not finished, it went into overdrive
Download Waiting For God
Jesus commanded His disciples to wait in Jerusalem but what do you do while you are waiting for God to move?
Download What Was That About?
At 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning Jesus kept His promise. But what was the significance of what happened at Pentecost?
Download What A Difference A Day Can Make
When the Spirit came things began to happen: things that could still happen today
Download Speak With Boldness
Peter provides a fine example of gospel preaching
Download There Is Only One Way
There is only one gospel and it must be proclaimed, whatever it costs
Download Watch Out For Satan
When the church moves forward, Satan invariably makes his counter-attack
Download Wave After Wave
Satan's attacks on the church are  unrelenting but it is all in the way you face them
Download Trials Are Opportunities
Every attack by Satan is an opportunity for the church to grow
Download Keep Moving Or Die
Stephen was such a promising young believer. Why did God allow him to die?
Download On To Samaria
Philip brings the gospel to Samaria
Download Jesus Can Do Anything
If Jesus can transform of Saul of Tarsus into the apostle Paul, what can He not do?
Download The Gospel Is For Everyone
The gospel is for people from every kind of background. All are welcome in Jesus' church
Download Light In The Darkness
A new church is planted in Antioch. It is an example of how churches can thrive in dark places
Download What Is Going On?
Sometimes, when you see the Lord at work, you wonder
Download A Missionary Church
Every good church is a missionary church. the church at Antioch shows us what that means
Download Who Would Be A Missionary?
Paul's first missionary journey was a phenomenal success but he met problems all along the way
Download No Buts, Its All By Grace
We are saved by God's grace alone. Why do we find that so hard to accept?
Download God Moves In A Mysterious Way
Even Paul's plans did not work out as he expected
Download You Could Do That
Lessons and encouragement from the story of the planting of the first church in Europe
Download Stubborn Perseverance
Two things to help you endure and see blessing
Download Taking On The Intellectuals
Don't be afraid to present the gospel to clever people
Download Encouragement From The Control Room
Jesus spoke to Paul to encourage him. His words can be an encouragement to you too
Download Ordinary Folks
When the Lord assembled His team for the assault on Ephesus it took all sorts
Download Did You Receive The Holy Spirit?
When Paul met some disciples of John the Baptist in Ephesus he asked them a discerning question
Download The Light Shines In The Darkness
Unusual things happened when the gospel was proclaimed in Ephesus
Download When The System Is Upset
How do you change a society that is rotten to the core?
Download Be Encouraged
Paul was not just driving back the boundaries. He was deeply concerned that new believers should be encouraged too
Download Who's A Good Elder Then?
Paul's farewell message to the elders from Ephesus is a challenge to every elder
Download The Trouble With Well-meaning Christians
Sometimes the problem is other believers
Download Holy Elasticity
Sometimes it seems you have to bend a little to accommodate others. Would that be wrong?
Download When The Big Boys Gang Up
Paul faces an angry mob and shows us how to respond to opposition.
Download Do Not Procrastinate
If God gives you an opportunity to speak for Him do not put it off. If God should speak to you do not hesitate to respond
Download Almost Persuaded
The good news about Jesus deserves to be presented clearly and with boldness
Download The Road To Rome
Paul faced many dangers on the road to Rome but he continued to trust God and proclaim the gospel
Download When In Rome
The story ends with Paul in prison but still proclaiming the good news with boldness